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About Us

We’re here for it!

The hours on the trail catching up with friends, the excited rush when you clear an obstacle on your bike that you didn’t know that you could, coming around that last switchback and having your mind blown by that first glimpse of a crystal clear alpine lake, rocking down the mountain at full tilt to fulfill that need for speed, meeting new friends who share your passions and become your support system.  We’re here for all of it.  And then some.

 How did we get “here”?

Scout Designs owner, Lisa Gindy, moved to Crested Butte, Colorado in 2004 and opened a boutique.  Though she was a lawyer by education, she found a passion for women’s activewear early on and, prior to opening her boutique, had a side-project called Athena Outdoors which focused on fitting different body types because she recognized that ill-fitting clothing affects performance.

Throughout her 14 years of boutique ownership, she continued to learn about the clothing industry and closely studied the fit of existing brands…and thought about changes that could be made to improve both fit and function of active clothing - as well as make styles more flattering.

In 2015, while running the Four Pass Loop, a 28 mile trail in Colorado with 8500 feet of vertical gain, she complained to her friend that her bra felt wet and kept creeping up and her leggings were also wet and kept sliding down.  And that constant need to tug on her clothes was actually slowing her down.  Her friend looked at her and said “You should start your own brand.  You really understand fit and fashion and you are an athlete.  You are your own customer”.  And the so the idea for Scout Designs was born.

As an avid mountain runner, skier, mountain biker, climber, hiker and paddleboarder, Lisa is always thinking about how to improve fit and fabric to make each day outside even more fun.