Pleated Mask 3 Pack (Adult), Earth

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New 3 Pack Option!

Please note that this is a pre-order and will not ship until Wednesday, September 16th.

Also, if you are ordering in-stock items and want them to ship right away, please purchase this item in a separate order or else it will hold up the shipping of your in-stock items.

These washable and reusable masks are made by my favorite family and their neighbors in Guatemala in their homes.  We have worked together for many years and they are true masters of their craft.  Your purchase provides much needed work for them at fair compensation rates.  

 - Inner layer is 100% cotton

- Outer layer is beautiful and unique traditional fabric made of 100% cotton

- Elastic ear loops

- Pleated Design

- Filter pocket

- 4" high, 7.5" wide

*The third color in the pack is Night in Antigua.  Updated photo coming soon.  It can also be seen with in the Scarf Mask style.

Please note that these are not medical grade masks.  Also, as with anything else that comes into your home at this time, be sure to wash the masks thoroughly before using them.

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